Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hail is not that much fun ...

...when it's slamming into your face at high speed. 
Just an observation.

I may have more observations as the post goes on ... or not. Let's see shall we?

This week is a Writer's Plot week. So exciting. I think by now you all know how much I love Writer's Plot weekends. Special session this week.
Guest speaker.
This guy: Brian O'Sullivan.
Whether my lot behave or not is a whole different story. It's already been pointed out that I announced Brian as a guest speaker but neglected to insist on best behavior from the troops. 
All I can say is ... I'm sorry in advance Brian and they are as mad as they all seem. :)

In other news:

It was new phone week that was very exciting development in the Connor household. New toys are always fun. My new phone has brought me much joy already. I can't even tell you. Well I could but I won't. :)
It's pink and protected by yellow and that's all you need know.

Quite a bit of writing happened today. It was good. (Yes, I said that!)
I enjoyed it immensely. There is something really fun about letting Ellie's particular brand of crazy have free rein. Packing it all back into her head might be tricky though. Maybe it should just roam free? I shall give that some thought. To be honest I may not have a choice. 

Apparently we are supposed to be presentable at WP this week because Graeme is taking photos of us all for a collage. Because I wasn't listening  missed the Facebook conversation I didn't know until Cyndi and Caro were talking about it today while we were out for coffee. The collage is for the cover of the Sister Mary-Margaret book? Yeah, I'm not sure.
I will endeavour to listen  read all the conversations in the future. Or not.

It's been a very social week. Apart from a migraine it's been excellent. 

I'm a tad tired but that's okay.
Looking forward to my holiday at the end of next month. Lot's of sleep, sea air, good company, and laughter. What could be better than that? That's right. Nothing. :)

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