Sunday, August 24, 2014

Don't you remember ...

Adele is playing this morning.
Last night I wrote the lyrics out to 'Someone Like You' for Breezy ... she's singing it in a talent contest in September. Big song for a little girl.
She can do it though.

The weekend hasn't been too bad so far. Woke up this morning with an idea (pertaining to the WIP, psychobyte for those of you who are late comers) I thought, and may live to regret it, that I'd add a countdown to an event within the story. Seems simple enough. Often the simple things are the ones that trip you up. So we'll see. :)
I think it'll work. But then I think lots of things and they're not always good ...
And now I can hear The Knight saying "You can't be good all the time."

Sun just came out and damn it's bright. We're not used to it ... freaking winter sucks. Only 9 days until the official start of spring. Probably means the weather will be utter rubbish for the next two weeks though.

I've switched computers ... am now downstairs listening to Elvis. Been a while ... sometimes 'Wooden Heart' is the way to go and I just found it so ... happy.

Having a bit of fun writing psychobyte. Should be writing today but I'm really not. Well not yet anyway. I did get an early start this morning so that was pretty good and I'll write later.

Sometime today I need to catch up on two episodes of Crisis!
Can't believe I got behind.
What the??
How does that even happen?

Meanwhile I'm dying something so should probably go check the progress ...

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