Thursday, August 28, 2014


Life is full of them.
Usually I can ignore distractions and write anyway - some are harder to ignore than others and some are too much fun to ignore.
It's just how it is.

Yesterday was Tuesday  Wednesday (which makes perfect sense if you know today is Wednesday Thursday). I really don't have much more to say about Tuesday (For Wednesday see further down) other than it was and now it's gone.
Some words were written. They were good ones. They've stuck and hopefully will be the foundations for some amazing work today.

It's later ... and the words were indeed good and groundwork was laid. Happy author - right here! :)

Tonight (Wednesday) ... I made chilli, baked for the kids lunches, and have been writing. Am about to go lie on the couch and watch Big Bang Theory.

Been a good day. Lots of laughter.

See what I did up there? Yeah, it took so long to write the blog post that I had to go back and change shit stuff.
I can hear the words "Babe, you're slipping." in my head right now.
Makes me smile.
Not explaining. I'm way past ever explaining anything that happens in my head ... generally it defies reason and is peppered by music and spoken words that would make no sense to anyone but me and Ellie.

Last night I wrote a bit. This weird thing has happened with psychobyte. As I was writing over the last week a few things cropped up and waved little red flags. So I took heed and went back into the earlier crime scenes to sort the problem. To be fair for most people they wouldn't have been problems and the story would've still all come together at the end (one hopes ...) but for me, it needed tweaking. That tweaking has grown like topsy!  Got a couple more flags to negotiate yet though ...
Remember how I said I'd never write another Flashbyte?
Yeah nah, never say never!
Kidding, people. Flashbyte was technically difficult and we're not going there again, and I'm kinda hoping this story doesn't have five stories running through it either!
I'm pretty sure it doesn't.
Three is enough!!
Another thing that popped up while I was writing last night ... the emergence of an old TV show. That hasn't happened for a while.
Songs, yes ... fairly recent shows (Human Target), yes ... comic's, yes ... full blown hallucinations, yes ... but sliding back into something from the late 70's, nope! It was interesting. Fun the way the theme song popped into my head while I was writing. Just like old times.

Work is fun at the moment. (Okay, it's always fun!)

I seem to have left my huge notebook downstairs. That's a bit of a pain. It's warm up here in the sun!
Then ... I also need breakfast and more coffee so maybe I should go get my notebook while I sort that!!

Have Breezy home today - she has a headache. Am suspecting allergies. Blossoms are out all over the place and she was sneezing up a storm yesterday. It's antihistamine time. She's a bit quiet - which isn't like her, at all. So staying home might be a smart move, I think.

In unrelated Breezy news - she auditioned for the school talent show yesterday. Breezy sang Adele's  'Someone Like You' ... all the comments were really good. The teacher (who does choir etc) told her she has a beautiful voice. She's pretty happy - won't know until next week if she made it to the final ten. Here's hoping she does!!
She's chosen a big song for a little girl ... she sang it to me in the kitchen one day. Just walked in and belted it out. Amazing for an 8 yr old.

Breakfast then ...

Hope you're all having a great day (which ever day it is for you).


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