Friday, July 18, 2014

Writer's Plot, a book launch, writing ...

Tomorrow is a Writer's Plot Saturday. They are without a doubt the BEST Saturday's.
I enjoy them so much.
Love that I was given the opportunity to host a writing group at our library and truly enjoy the friendships that have developed. Cyndi said recently that Writer's Plot is a family. I think that's pretty accurate.
(And a family that buys me tequila ... it doesn't get much better than that!)

I was invited to the launch of John Terris's book "September Showdown' last night, a few Writer's Plotters came along as well.
September Showdown is a political satire. So if that's your thing keep an eye out for it. :)
The launch was at Nae Nae boxing academy. Pretty cool venue. I've always enjoyed watching fights. (I'm sure that says something about me ...)
John surprised me (I actually blushed and that's not something I do!) ... he thanked me for being his mentor and for what I do at Writer's Plot.

I met some very nice people last night. One of which, I know, will be coming along to WP tomorrow, which is great. :)

Meanwhile ... I need to sort out crit partners for everyone, again. It's on going.

Today is a writing day.
I'm aiming for 5K. Easily achievable to be honest. I will however have to sit my ass in my chair and write.
The new book Psychobyte is coming along nicely. All the little things that were intent on tripping me up haven't, so ... winning.
Am enjoying the process now that the story has settled. Every now and then I glimpse something edging it's way in, like an overlay on the scene I'm watching. Probably just means a lot is happening within the story, layers, maybe? It'll work out. It always does. Little bit of faith in my ability to tell a story goes a long way.

Here's a wee look:
excerpt from the 5th crime scene
WIP (rough as hell)

A pain behind my eye started up. Felt like a needle being pushed into my brain. The sudden onset of pain reminded me I hadn’t slept in two days or eaten since yesterday. Things were on the way to getting pretty damn ugly unless I corrected at least one of those things.
“Good work, Conway. Scary but good,” Kurt replied. “Now we just have to find him and prove the theory.”
“We need a closer look at the victimology. I’d like to get back to the office and start piecing what we know together, before something else happens,” I said.
The three of them shook their heads at me.
“Seems you’re supposed to be at a pretty important dinner tonight and we can do this,” Lee said.
“Kurt?” I said, hoping he’d back me up. Surely he knew there could be an answer in my head just waiting to be discovered.
He grinned.
“Take a couple of hours, Conway. We’ll keep the campfire burning.”
A couple of hours? The pain behind my eye sharpened. It took effort not to press my hand to my eye. I could do a couple of hours. All night? No. Hours? Doable.
I checked my watch. I could make it to dinner. Under lights. Is roast lamb an emergency? It would be without mint sauce.
“If I say yes …”
“You’ll make your fiancĂ© a happy man.”
I smiled.
“I’m outta here. I’ll catch up with you all in about three hours. Have something for me?”
“Deal.” He turned me around and pointed me to the door. “Go!”
I dragged my phone from my pocket, calling Mitch as I ran to my car.

“I’m on my way!”


and I'm working ...

If you haven't read databyte yet ... do it! :)

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