Monday, July 28, 2014

Sister Mary-Margaret, the Writer's Plot Road trip story


It is. I'm not overly thrilled about it, but I will be. My quad shot long black will kick in shortly and happiness will reign down upon the world. (Or something along those lines ...)

I'm about a paragraph off finishing my story for the Sister Mary-Margaret Writer's Plot road trip book.
I really hope someone comes up with a title soon cos that's a freaking mouthful!
This challenge wasn't conceived by me. Graeme is leading the charge on this which frees me up a bit to enjoy it. :) I get to write my characters journey to the funeral. Then at the end I will write the final chapter from the perspective of the ghostly Sister Mary-Margaret, as she looks down on the mourners at her funeral. Looking forward to that part, should be a bit of fun. Wonder how her thoughts will compare to those of the attendees?
Won't know until we get there ...
Last week I sorted out the critique partner situation for Writer's Plot ... we have new people, so required a re-jig of partners. So, nearing the end of my story, and I don't have a crit partner! Whoops.
I do have a few people (outside) the group that I can call on though, which is what I'll probably do. Such fun!

I am currently sick. Thanks kids. Love the sharing of germs! Feels like I'm about to lose my voice, pretty sure that won't bother anyone. :)

Will be at school this afternoon with Jojo, we're painting scenery for a production. Should be fun.
But before that I need to get these kids up and out the door ... then finish this Sister Mary-Margaret story. And I'd like to pop back into psychobyte for a bit if I have time. Scenes are swirling around. All good fun, well, actually that depends on your outlook I suppose. Not everyone enjoys the kinds scenes I've got in my head.


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