Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It's what I do.

Yesterday I wrote enough to make my brain spin out for a little bit. Not so much the quantity as the content, I think. Maybe both.
Let's go with that, shall we?

I feel like sharing a little ... bear with - and remember this is rough as hell. (Think First Draft.)

Nine: Beneath your beautiful

Fifteen minutes later I pulled into Mitch’s driveway, before I got to the front door it swung open. Greeted by a half-dressed Mitch I grinned. I was used to half-dressed. More often than not it was a shirtless, barefoot, belt open, jeans unbuttoned, sleep tousled Mitch that met me at the door. Unbuttoned shirt with no pants was new.
“Nice start to the day. Pants optional?”
He laughed, pulled me close, and shoved the door. It clicked behind me.
“Such a wiseass,” he said hugging me then taking a step back, his eyes traveled down my body. “Those are yesterday’s clothes. Pull an all-nighter?”
“Got a bit busy.”
A thought flashed into his eyes. I didn’t want him to think. Thoughts grew into questions. I didn’t want questions.
 “You all right?”
I smiled.
“I need a shower and would like company.”
“Guess that answers my question,” Mitch said smiling.
And just like that I was off the hook. No squirming required.
I dropped my holster and phone on his bed, throwing my jacket over them. The sound of running water drowned out Mitch’s voice.
“Did you say something?” I asked from the bathroom door.
“I said, come here,” he replied taking my hand. 
(Sorry, but if I post the rest of that scene I'd have to add an R18 warning to my blog ... you'll have to wait for the book!)

Ten: With or Without you

“Terri, I’m Ellie Conway. I need you to help me find out who did this to you,” I whispered, kneeling by her head. Her glazed eyes stared vacantly at the corner of the shower. She didn’t reply. “I need your help. Show me what happened.”

It felt like I’d tilted, I tried to straighten up then realized it was the room. No, not the room. It was Terri. I was Terri. She was moving? I breathed. Standing up I let Terri’s incorporeal arm reach through me. Her arm reached for the shower control, turning the water to hot. I shivered as she stepped right through my body and into the stream of water, closing the curtain as she moved. My mind danced trying to fathom what was happening. I was in standing in a shower with a ghost and a dead body but not getting wet. A voice told me to go with it. I didn’t know the voice. Maybe it was Terri’s. Who am I to argue with the recently deceased? I looked at Terri. We were the same height. She was five foot nine.

Two partial scenes completely out of context. :)


And now to work.

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