Sunday, July 20, 2014

I'm going to need MORE coffee ...

Or whatever it is by the time you read this.

Been a hectic weekend so far. Good. Very good, in fact. Still hectic. No writing time ... yeah, we all know what happens if I don't have writing time. I think I can cope for a few more hours ... :)
Maybe? Guess we'll find out?
When people start ducking for cover we'll know I was wrong.

To be honest I'm a bit seedy today and that's unusual. I blame the sav. Had I been drinking tequila all would be well. (Remember that for future reference ... just in case I forget again!)
Later on this morning we're taking the girls to the movies. They're excited. I'm less so. How to train your dragon 2. Really, not my thing. And I kinda wanted to see it in 3D - because then it would be fun? ... But The Girl Wonder isn't a fan of 3D. There's no fathoming that.

Yesterday ... Writer's Plot.
Two new people.
Think they're both a good fit for the group. Such a fun afternoon.
Will be talking to Erica at the library tomorrow though, a few things are starting to piss me off. Not good enough.  And quite frankly, they need to sort it.
I think I might need to magic up some notes from yesterdays session ... I did a bit of winging it. As I do.

Last night we caught up with some old friends (hence the seediness today).
Was a good night.
That's all I have to say about that.

Now for a wee excerpt of something ... what?
How about an unedited splash of eraserbyte? (Eraserbyte comes out next year, date TBA).

Chapter ten
Carry On

Kathy and Jen waved as they left the building. Kurt and I waited. We saw Mitch open his door and pick up something small from the ground.
Two minutes later the car pulled out. I watched them. The car stopped.
I pressed the button in my palm by closing my hand. “Go for Crow, you need to leave. How copy?”
“Good copy Blue Jay. Deploying the drone for one last look. Over.”
“Negative, Crow. Now. Move the Nest. You’re too close. Out.” I heard my words and they made no sense. Too close to what? “Move now. How copy Mobile Nest?”
Mitch broke in. “Blue Jay, It’s up and, we’re moving. Breathe. Out.”
I stood in the doorway as the car disappeared from view. Everything felt wrong. At the pier, I could see the USS Barry. Grey ship on a grey day. Ghostly. It just needed fog and it’d make a perfect horror movie set. A shudder vibrated up my backbone.
“Go for Jay can you see anything? Over.”
“Copy Blue Jay. Be more specific. Over.” His voice smiled.
Something was counting down.
A flash lit the corner of my eye. As I turned my head to the left, the building shook, I lost my balance and hit the wall behind me. Debris flew across my line of sight. Hunks of metal slammed into a parked car. Smoke and dust filled the air. Large chunks of brick, concrete and metal crashed from the sky.
“Break-break Blue Jay!” Voices in my head belonged to Jerry and Kris.
“Loud and Clear, Mobile Nest. Get Jay out of here. Out,” I replied. Turning my attention to the room we were in as I used the wall for support. “Kurt?”
“You can be wrong any time now,” he replied taking a step toward me. “Okay?”
“Yep. You?”
Another massive explosion rocked the building. We hit the ground hard. I looked up in time to see a car crash down onto the pavement outside. I blinked. Mitch was just there. Bile rose.


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