Thursday, July 10, 2014

Consider yourselves extremely lucky ...

Yeah nah, I can't keep a straight face either.
It's blog post number four for the week (I think).
Gone are the days when I could happily blog every day ... and also as Ellie ... and sometimes as Mac.
Yes it was very crowded in my head.
Less crowded now.
Just Ellie, Mitch and Delta A. :)
Trust me that is an improvement.

I did have something to say but I think I lost it? Oh well, guess it will return.

For the first time ever Breezy watched me make my morning coffee. She now knows I drink a quad shot long black and I reckon she could make it ... someone other than The Boy Wonder and I should be able to use the espresso machine. How handy would that be?

Written a few poems lately. Not sharing them at the moment though. They're not dark. At all. Bit scary. They're not even going to end up in a Byte novel. (Never say never? Hmmm, I don't think they'll end up in a Byte novel.)

Working quite well on psychobyte this week too. Nice. Makes me happy to be writing. The story has settled - it took a while. It really did. In fact it's taken about 20 chapters to settle into interwoven layers in my mind. I'm less reliant on my giant notebook now - which is good, I prefer to trust my brain/gut to navigate through a story rather than physical notes. (Except for victim names etc, I mean come on ... there are only so many names I can keep track of without help, especially with all the other crap in my head.)
What I do enjoy is when the story settles like it has and becomes almost real. That fuzzy not quite reality thing that happens (yeah that could be just me). It's almost like - if I turn around too fast I'll be in the scene rather than watching it. Time rift sort of thing, I guess.
To be honest that would be a lot more fun if Ellie wasn't feeling so ill at the moment.
I've been known to be a sympathetic vomiter ... which really is a bit crap. :)

In case you missed it ... a few links for you:

My Writing Process

A free downloadable SSA Kurt Henderson short story.

Mid-winter Christmas dinner this Saturday with the Admins. Looking forward to it. Very much. Not only is there turkey, Christmas pud, trifle, and choc chip log ... but there's tequila. Could get a bit messy? :)

Macgyver is coming to Akld in October. Just that. I have nothing to add.

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