Thursday, July 3, 2014

Always on my mind

(The Willie Nelson version, if you're wondering)

So, I'm home.

Christchurch was Welcome to my World, sadness, busy, thoughtful, full of hugs, tears, and laughter, much laughter. It was goodbye and hello. Family. Friends that are family. It's where I came from and the people I'm most comfortable with all at once.
Stories about gunpowder and beer.
It was breathing and being.
First memories and last thoughts.
It was walking the line and seeing a smile I hadn't seen for 30 plus years and the making good of a comment about picking me up and swinging me around.
It's probably going to be a poem. :)

I learned things over the last week.
Some of them good!
Superman told me he really likes my poetry book. (Whispers in the Water)
High praise indeed.
I also learned how time and age really have no meaning. Also, people really don't change and sometimes that's the best thing ever.
And I'm pretty sure there will be a poem at some point as lots of thoughts converge and swirl about.
I'm also sure it'll be called 'One Day' and it will probably sound like a country song but that's just how it is.

Meanwhile ... I'm supposed to be working.
But I'm not as inspired/enthusiastic as I should be. It's got a lot to do with other stuff I learned today, which is less good, and has Action Man quite jittery. Big changes are coming.
Last time, it was all good. So, there's that. :)
Nothing's permanent.

Although - that's not entirely true either. Somethings are a permanent state of being but you don't always know that at the time. (Getting a bit deep and meaningful here ... must be Bon Jovi time! Enough with the country already ...)

But before I put Bounce on and shake the neighborhood up ...

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