Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tangled up in Blue: SSA Kurt Henderson

On and off I've been working on a short story from SSA Kurt Henderson's point of view. If you've read any of the byte novels you'll know who Kurt (aka Doc) is.
I finished the story on Sunday. Never made it to novella size, which I initially thought it might. It's only 12K ... about seven chapters, I think.

It was not easy writing from Kurt's POV. I had to think. (Seriously, what's that all about?)

I sent the story to Action Man's kindle so he can proof read it for me on his way home from work this week ... he trains, it's not like he's trying to read and drive, people. Come on, that'd be stupid. :)
He was about 45% through by the time he got home last night. Said it's weird reading it because it's not Ellie. Well, to be fair, it was weird writing it ... because it's not Ellie. He didn't think he'd cope with a whole book from Kurt's POV. Me neither! As much as I love Kurt, it was hard enough writing 12K as him, I don't think I could write 100K like that. :)

The reason I have got my A into G and finished this story now ... turns out that a few people want more Kurt and Ellie. (And Ellie and Mitch too, but that's coming, big time, be patient ... eraserbyte is all about Ellie and Mitch - and Kurt is pretty prominent too.)
While writing databyte (and pretty much all the Byte from exacerbyte on) I wasn't fully aware of the 'sexual tension' between Ellie and Kurt.
It's been mentioned to me a few hundred times now ... especially regarding databyte. Not just Ellie and Kurt, but Ellie and Mike as well. Who knew? Yeah, not the author. :)
It definitely wasn't a designed thing, it's just something that lurks I think.
Such fun.

In other news ... stuff is happening.
Yeah, stuff.
I'm going to Christchurch sometime in the next few weeks, probably soon. It's one of those really tricky things ... kinda looking forward to going away with Superman and seeing people who mean a lot to us/me, but not the reason we're going.

Think I'm in the newspaper this week?
Guess we'll find out eventually, yeah? :)

As for 'tangled up in blue' - not sure when I'll release it or how, yet. So stay tuned.
Might be a giveaway to anyone who has read databyte ... we'll see. Not sure how to work that, but no doubt I'll figure it out.

Also ... if you've read databyte and want more ... Array has 12 byte shorts (plus 4 non-bytes). It's only available in paperback, because, it is. But it's available everywhere in paperback even through Whitcoulls online here in NZ.

Hope your Tuesday is awesome. :)

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