Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rumour Has It

Yep, listening to Adele.
Which means ... I'm not working.
The new book and Adele just do not work well together. :)

Messing around a bit today. Still need to choose some songs for Friday night. Turns out that's quite hard to do. Too much choice ...

This morning it was out to Wicked Espresso for coffee (hot chocolate) with Shamsi and Cyndi. Nice. Think I needed to get out.

I'm feeling a bit random this afternoon so I think I'll post some random excerpts - if you can guess what they're from I'll  ... be super impressed? :)
Warning some of these will be from WIP's.

Spinning the wheel ...

1. The smell of freshly brewed coffee woke me before Mitch bent down and kissed me.
“You sleep in your chair?” he asked, placing a take-out coffee cup on my desk along with a glass of water.
“For a little bit,” I replied, checking the time, six-thirty. “Thank you.”
His smile reflected back at me. From his pocket he produced a tube of Berocca and dropped one of the effervescent tablets into the water. I watched it fizz as it dissolved.
“That was really thoughtful,” I said picking up the glass and downing the still fizzing liquid.
“Figured you’d need a bit of a pick-me-up.”
“You’re pretty awesome, you know that?”
Mitch laughed. “Yep.”

2. “Demelza,” he whispered. “You ready for this?”
“Nah, I’ve changed my mind.”
 “Demelza?” he whispered.
“Let’s not play this game. Let’s walk out, get shot, and die.”
“Your death is not an option,” he replied with a thick undertone of calm.
Truth is I was confused. He called me Demelza. Lee called me Chicky. I thought I was Ellie and Kurt said I was his wife, Rylee. It wasn’t all falling into place. Parts of the puzzle were free form and the corners were shaky.

3. I leaned on the black SWAT truck parked behind our car.
“You all right?” Andrews said.
“Yeah, this doesn’t make sense.”
“Since when do nut jobs with guns ever make sense?”
“Good point.” I cradled my rifle in my arms. “I need eyes in that house.”
“I’m on it. Two of the boys are running in the cable now. They found a way under the house. Those cops you have with you are on to it.”
Campbell cleared his throat. “Conway, do you mind if I …” He fell toward me. I threw my gun at Andrews and caught Iain, breaking his fall with my body, and taking him to the ground with as much control as his dead weight would allow.
“Paramedics?” I said, as Andrews crouched next to me.
“There is an ambulance across the road. I’ll get them,” Andrews said.

4. I knew I was smiling. Sam tapped my shoulder and broke the spell. I became aware of the SWAT vest I wore and the assault rifle nestled in the crook of my arm. I blinked. Mitch regarded me with what I suspected was curiosity. People were skirting around us as the morning rush swung into high gear. Behind Mitch, I saw the door we’d opened. Someone had moved it out of the way. Security probably.
“Busy morning?” Mitch asked, looking from me to the rifle.
“Little bit,” I replied
“Coffee, when you’re less … busy?”
“Absolutely,” I replied trying to remember where my business cards were. Under my vest. Velcro and Kevlar fail. Mitchell stretched out his hand and tucked a card into my jean pocket.
“Call me.”

5.The voice in my head said, remember that number, Ellie. I nodded. Then another voice told me the number would stay in the phone’s memory anyway. It was a relief to know I didn’t have to squander brainpower. Using the phone in my left hand, I pressed 911. My knees wouldn’t let me stand. I toppled, falling back hard. Automatically, my right arm went down behind me to protect me from the fall. Violent pain erupted. It skipped my arm and went directly to my head, as a robotic-sounding voice spoke in my ear.
“What service do you require?”
I cleared my throat, my mouth was dusty and dry and I don’t even know if my voice was audible, “All of them.”
“Special Agent Conway, FBI. I need help.”
The robotic voice became softer, “Agent Conway, where are you?”
All I could see was sandy dirt and dust and almost-dried muddy puddles. “Between reality and a dream.”

6.A scream poured from the tunnel. We stared at each other for a beat. Her eyes grew wider and more panicked.
“You can do this,” I said and adjusted my grip on Nicola’s hand. “Now, run.”
We ran up the steps. Gunfire erupted behind us. She tripped; I dragged her back to her feet and kept moving, clambering quickly up the last steps then along a short flat area and into the tunnel. I pushed Nicola over to the semi-safety of the thick concrete walls and shadows.
“Stay here,” I whispered. “I need to see where the screaming came from.”
“Don’t. Leave. Me. Here.” Panic punctuated her small voice. Her words broke apart sending, tumbling into the atmosphere.
Another scream pierced the air. It caught several of the syllables in midair and shot them like arrows across the pitch.
“Wait,” I replied firmly. “Sit down and wait.”
She sat. I must’ve hit the right tone. Kids and animals, it’s all about tone.

7.From the top drawer of my bureau I took a small flashlight. The red glow was enough to see by but harder for anyone looking in to see. Red light doesn’t travel like white light.
Using the light, I found my spare vial of migraine synergy – I did not want a repeat of the migraine incident. Intense? No, just embarrassing. Almost as cringe-worthy as realizing what Lee saw in my nightstand. Bet he shut the drawer in a big hurry when he saw my toy. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, and I do me rather well.
My next move was to search Carla’s room, where the only thing that appeared to be missing was her laptop.

8. Mac groaned. He held a pillow over his head and groaned some more. He dropped the pillow beside the bed and sat up. “Is it morning?” He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and sat with his head cradled in his hands.
“I think it’s morning,” I said. “What day is it?”
“Jesus, let me think,” he replied. “We were at my place on Tuesday, at the Marriott on Wednesday. It’s Thurs-day. Definitely Thursday.”
My feet hit the floor. “Okay ... where are my clothes?”
I watched Mac as he peered between his fingers at the floor in front of him. Clothing was scattered everywhere. An empty tequila bottle lay between a rumpled shirt and a left shoe.
“Could be over here.”
“Second question ... any clue what we did last night?”
He turned his head and looked at me. “Ummm …”

Have fun! :)

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