Sunday, June 1, 2014

Queens birthday weekend

Which is really just a long weekend.
It's not even the Queen's real birthday, that's in April sometime I think.
Anyway ... 3 day weekend.
That's an okay thing especially when we have a sick kid.

So, this weekend?
Stuff  ...

It's 12 days to the databyte launch, well, 13, but I'm not counting the actual day because that will be chaos.
I think the only thing I need to do now (apart from stick the wording to the cakes which can't happen until the day before) is create a playlist. Oh and drop the large banner off to Erica at the library.

Rebel sent me the media release yesterday. No doubt they'll send that out over the next few days.
If you're curious it's over here.

Today the June edition of  The Big Thrill came out.
Yes there is a reason I'm sharing that ... there is an article about me in it.
The Oracle came over for coffee and pikelets (and mini-mallowpuffs for afters) she said she would love John Darrin (who wrote the article) to come to NZ - he could speak at Writer's Plot. :)
Now that would be fun and so interesting!

I think that might be about it for today. :)
Lots to say but I'm not saying it. Safer that way?

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