Friday, June 27, 2014

I'm outta here tomorrow ...

 ... so you lot will need to amuse yourselves until Thursday ... you okay with that? Good.

So this:

This was in this weeks newspaper.
We're loving the photo and story - thanks Selina!! :)

In other news ... ah, well, I finished the Kurt story. Action Man finished reading it and really liked it despite it being "weird" reading Kurt's POV.

Then I tweaked the story some more ... then some more ... and re-sent it to my kindle to read on my trip south tomorrow.

When I get home ... if I don't need to tweak it any more I shall send it to Cyndi, Alma, and Michelle ... for they are the first in line to view Kurt as he really is. The inner Kurt, if you will. :)

If anyone can guess which of these breakfasts was mine ... they too will be sent a copy of Kurt's story when I return from Christchurch. It will be a kindle version or a PDF. Just so you know ahead of time.

breakfast one

breakfast two

Leave your guess in the comment section. Such fun!

Meanwhile, I'm packed.
I hope.
Heading off very early tomorrow to meet up with Superman in Marlborough then we're off to Christchurch on Sunday. I have gorgeous merino tops in bright fabulous colors. Should be warm!
At least four days with no kids ... not going to lie, there is GREAT appeal in that at the moment. I am in need of a break although this kind of break wasn't what I had in mind!
Am hating getting Breezy motivated in the mornings - she's became the slowest creature on the planet when it comes to getting ready for school.
Ooh so very tiresome.

Must remember my phone charger!!

Take care.


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