Sunday, June 15, 2014

An absolute WTF moment

The day after the databyte launch:
You know how the premise of databyte is misinformation? In fact ... 
"When information becomes misinformation, how much of what you see should you believe?"
Turns out you shouldn't believe much.
This could be a case of life imitating art? 
This is a screen shot taken on Amazon this morning. Supposedly the book is the kindle version of databyte. It's definitely the databyte cover. The interior however, is exacerbyte (as you can see). My publisher and I have absolutely no clue how Amazon achieved this. Some sort of sorcery, perhaps.
We can confirm that the issue is an Amazon error. My publisher is trying to get this corrected - bear with!
 Meanwhile ... I just feel sick and yet slightly amused at the irony.

So, it's Monday now.
Databyte is fixed. You can now safely download it and it's the RIGHT book! Big thanks to my publishers for finding a way to fix that. Amazon, typically fucked up but weren't helpful in finding a solution. :) Help desks ... say no more!

Here's the link to databyte kindle

Go nuts :)

Tell how many butterflies you find. That will make sense when you start reading. 

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