Thursday, June 5, 2014

7 days

Because there can only be one Friday in a week, so it's a week, and that's 7 days - until the databyte launch.

Fuck yes.

Little bit.

Wondering who the fuck you are?

Pays to just go with it really.

At this point I think I have done everything I can do until maybe Tuesday, from then on there will be more things to do before the big day. Friday itself ... I'm spending with Action Man and Breezy. We're heading to the airport after lunch to pick up The Boy Wonder. So excited! Haven't seen our youngest son for a year.
By the time we get home with The Boy Wonder, Superman will be checking into a nearby hotel.
From then on in, everything will be a bit blurry.
Luckily I have the bestest Admins in the world and they'll be in charge of making damn sure I don't drink too much before speaking at the book launch and am capable of signing books.
It's a big job. Takes both of them to watch me.
We know this from experience. (The experience was gleaned from a month in the States together.)
They are well aware how hilarious messy it can get. Just mention New York to Admin Bubbles and watch the response. Just for the record ... I blame Honor Molloy for my lapse into a rather strong Irish brogue, Sara J Henry for the wine, and spring time in New York for the heat - which was obviously a contributing factor to the whole penthouse elevator experience. :)

So, last night, quiz night. Such fun.
Nice to see people I haven't seen in ages ... and a whole lot of familiar faces.
We weren't shit! Our team came 4th. Not bad at all. We probably had more fun than any other team. hahaha

Tomorrow I'm off to Fraser Crescent school to talk to some boys about writing. I know, right? Boys. Love it! Senior boys.
I've done stuff with juniors and middles, now it's seniors. I'll enjoy that. Nice change of pace.

Speaking of which, I probably should start getting ready to go to school and get Breezy.

Yeah, she might not be happy if I leave her there?

Hope you're all well.

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