Tuesday, June 10, 2014

3 sleeps

Yep, 3.

And then it's Friday the 13th.
Databyte Launch event at the library.

The Oracle is reading an excerpt from Databyte.
I am speaking. (No idea what I'm going to say, but something?)
I will be having a glass of wine before hand ... just the one? :)
If you'd like to come to the launch then come along - it's at 7PM Friday 13th of June at Upper Hutt City Library.
There is cake and wine (and juice and food but really ... cake and wine is what it's all about ... oh, and my latest book, in fact there are copies of ALL my books available on the night and yes, I will be signing ... yeah that, but really it's about the cake and wine. :))

I've almost finished one cake ... this is what the progression looks like. (Typically I forgot to photograph them prior to the fondant stage!) They're dark fruitcakes (Nana's recipe).
Having tried some while I was trimming the cakes I can say with certainty that they are delicious and possibly the best fruitcake I've made to date.

See you on Friday.

databyte cake

killerbyte cake


the butterfly

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