Saturday, May 24, 2014

Time running backwards ...

It's Saturday morning. It's too early Saturday morning but that's beside the point.
The week was busy.
It usually is.
Not a lot of writing time but what little writing I did manage is solid and will stay, bonus!

Yesterday morning was spent answering questions. It was actually fun. I got over the feeling of being thoroughly stalked and just enjoyed the process. Yeah you'll find out what that's all about later. :)

What else?
Had an idea. That's not unusual. Not sure if it'll work the way I think, but it might, so worth a shot. Again, you'll find out about it later - if you're coming to the databyte book launch on June 13 - you'll hopefully be leaving with one of these. Cryptic? A little.
See you at the launch?
Yeah, thought so.
Details can be found here - there is an invite PDF on that page you can download if you'd like to.

Wondering about the title of this post yet?
Well, Wolfsbane was away all week with work - last night I went up to her place to catch up. (Girl talk, lots of laughing, never you mind)
She has this awesome big clock in the kitchen - it's running backwards. Yeah not joking. How freaky is that?
It didn't used to. Obviously that means we're getting younger?
I did video it. Bear with ... okay so ... explain this ... time running backwards!

There were also two large cockroaches last night - neither of us like cockroaches. I did stand on one once Wolfsbane stunned it with fly spray - then I sat the can on it, just in case? When Action Man arrived he removed the bug. And another one appeared! So he flushed that sucker. On the way home he said it was clinging to the side of the toilet bowl and would not go down. He did eventually convince it? ewwww.

Netball is cancelled today. Probably a good thing considering the wind! Breezy will be disappointed she was captain today. She's also got a nasty cold so may not be that disappointed?
I love watching them play, but to be honest today I'd sooner not spend all morning standing in the wind and rain! 

Writer's Plot later - I want to get the timeline and murder board notes sorted. They're things I regularly use but I've never shown anyone else how to use them before. So, I need to make sure I don't forget anything.
Also need to take some post-it notes with me and make sure I have whiteboard markers. :)
Before I go I need to re-read all the stories and get an idea of the number of deaths and timing of events. Should be fun. :)
Also, we have a guest speaker. Matt from Creative Commons. That'll be interesting.

Right, that might be it from me at the moment.

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