Friday, May 9, 2014

The things you find out!

Today - interesting.
Yes, that's the word.

The Oracle imparted information that I find fascinating and not that surprising, because well, my opinion of the person in question is pretty fucking low. Liar/murderer, they kinda go together.
Yeah, nah, not explaining that. WP's might figure it out because they were privy to my massive rant today. :)

In other news ... talked to Eric about making his writing stronger. All good. Love that he wants to learn and wants to get it right. Then we chatted about flying light planes - because he has ... and how much damage certain things do to a body and then we talked about radial and ulnar arteries ... and Allen's Test. Pleased to say I have a good blood supply to my fingers. :)
Yeah, it's all about asking questions and then asking more questions. Much fun.
Will get Eric to come and talk to WP soon about Emergency Department things. Got an expert on hand, may as well use him. AND it's really important to get things right. Can't stress that enough. Get it right. Just do it.
Learn and apply.
Learn and apply.
Keep learning until you die.

Got the fun of a feature story coming up in the June 1st edition of The Big Thrill. Looking forward to that.

This weekend is crazy busy.

It's also Mother's Day on Sunday. That'll be nice.
Yeah, it will.
Not sure what we're doing, if anything. No doubt I will hear from a few kids ...
Got an early Mother's Day gift from The Boy Wonder - his flight times and an email saying he'll be home for the Databyte Book Launch. He's been overseas for a year but he's coming home for the launch weekend. Can't wait to see him! All the awesome.
Will make sure we film Romeo's reaction - have a feeling it will be priceless. Dogs give the best welcomes!

Haven't done a lot of writing this week (or since getting sick really). Did some formatting work for someone and read for someone else. One was more fun than the other. Yeah, I mean the reading - but the other paid and that's kinda helpful.

Next week I'll be back into writing full-time.

That's it from me - have a great weekend.

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