Friday, May 2, 2014

soundbyte ebook giveaway

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It was time to acknowledge the voice that told me I’d been shot. Shot in the middle of the city while drinking coffee. That was quite some feat. I wondered who was pissed at me this time.
Kurt answered his phone on the second ring. “Conway, how can I help?”
“I’m outside the building, by the stairs on 10th, and I have a little problem,” I said.
 He went quiet. There was nothing there.
 Moments later, Kurt flew out down the stairs carrying a red backpack with a white cross on it and vaulted over the yellow chain. His eyes scanned the area in front of him. I waved. Blood flew from my hand and cast drippy patterns on the ground. He looked right and hollered at two men in uniform who’d been leaning on the wall by the guardhouse, “Are your eyes painted on?”
One man jumped, the other’s back stiffened.
“Sir?” they said in unison.
“You have an injured agent out here,” Kurt growled. He dropped a backpack on the ground by my feet.
 “Hey, Kurt,” I said with a smile. “How’d you know you’d need the first aid kit?”
Kurt gave me a look. “Seriously?”
“Never mind.”
“What happened?” Kurt asked, looking at my arm for a moment before opening the backpack and taking out scissors.
“I’m not sure,” I replied. “I thought someone bumped into me, but there was no one around.”
“No one at all?”
 “There was a person walking away on the other side of the street but no one near me.” I was looking at my upper arm as Kurt poked about. He’d cut away my sleeve.

Because it's May and we're approaching the launch date of the 6th byte book (datatbyte), and because I love D.C. in the spring and Soundbyte was set in the spring ... I've decided to giveaway a few digital copies of soundbyte. To win either a kindle or ePub version all you need do is leave a comment and tell me your favorite Byte Character.
Admins/Actionman will draw the winners on May 11th.  
No restrictions on who can enter.

Feel free to share. :)

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