Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Distracted by fractured thoughts

Since contracting the flu a month ago (which lead to a nasty chest infection) I've found my focus - fractured.
I sit down to write, fiddle about with a few sentences, maybe write a scene (if I'm lucky) and my mind wanders off alone. It shouldn't do that! It's really not capable of finding its way home unaided.

This is not writer's block. That doesn't exist in my world. It's nothing to do with being unable to write - that's not the problem. The problem is concentrating and keeping still long enough to allow my mind to focus on the scenes it can see unfolding.

I think I managed to sit at my desk and write for an hour this morning before my mind wandered off to check on something else. What? Fucked if I know ... it didn't say where it was going or what it was doing, it just went.

So, I thought I'd do something constructive (that doesn't require much thought). I made 3 dozen cupcakes, some are for the kids, but most are for the book launch. I'll freeze them as soon as they've cooled and then defrost the day before the launch and ice.
Who knows what I'll actually do?
Making 3 dozen cupcakes (which seemed like a great idea?) really didn't help.

I can't even manage to sit down and write blog post without wandering off to do something else! It's a little bit frustrating. (Okay not a little bit, a LOT.)
Music isn't working. Might be because I can't find the right soundtrack for this book? Also, might be because Classic Hits has become The Hits and it's not working for me like it used to? I tried listening to another radio station but it played only old music and I don't want to hear nothing but 70's music! So I found another, and that one talked too much ... grrrr.

This book isn't an Adele book, or a Lorenza Ponce book, nor a Bon Jovi book ... the last one was very Adele and FUN and then quite metal! This one is psycho, I mean eclectic. :)
My goto music isn't working.
I think it's broken.
Sometimes when music is broken I can put a DVD on in the background - like Human Target, Keen Eddie or NCIS or a Bon Jovi concert DVD and that provides enough distraction to enable me to focus. Yes, I am aware that that sounds weird. So, with that in mind, The Bodyguard is now playing. Because sometimes you just need Kevin Costner especially if Mark Valley, Mark Harmon, and Jon Bon Jovi aren't working. :)

How do you fix fractured focus?

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