Sunday, May 18, 2014

Been an okay Sunday

As Sunday's go this one was okay.

Did some writing on a scene that appeared on Friday - now I know where it belongs. That's good. It's progress. What I didn't get earlier, when I was fiddling about with psychobyte (yes fiddling about is an accurate description as fuck all writing has happened in the last month), is that there is another aspect to the story. I knew about two of the things going on but hadn't seen this third event. It's all good and much fun.

So that was my writing today.

Friday night was an Admin pizza night ... I made pizzas, Admins made dessert. We had fun. The fun involved wine. I haven't had much wine in quite sometime. Yeah that means I'm back to being a light-weight. Easy does it. Might need to build my drinking muscles back up before June 13th!

As for the rest of the weekend ... I cleaned and reorganised the pantry. Rather satisfying it was too.
Did pretty normal stuff really. Breezy had netball yesterday. They won 21-8 and were suitably happy!

Woke up with an image in my head this morning and couldn't find my camera (yes, I have now heard all the jokes, thanks :)) Did eventually find my camera and this is kinda what I saw ...

Yeah, nah, no idea why.
But it's ended up on the snakebyte page on my website.
Kinda feels like it might be a new cover?
Who knows?
Not me at this stage.

Starting to get quite excited/nervous about the upcoming book launch. Finalised details with Erica at the Library last week.
Have the cake boards and the fondant and cake decorations all sitting here with the cakes ... I just have to assemble it all and hope like hell it looks like I think it will look?

This week ... continuing the social vein of the last two weeks. Have a writers coffee morning tomorrow - looks like it's all girls. Fun.

Going to go back into Breezy's class a few mornings a week for writing. The kids miss me. Awww. Here was me thinking I was mean and they'd be pleased I wasn't there? hahaha.

Hopefully all the WP cruise stories will be uploaded soon - was reading them all the other day trying to figure out how I'm going to put them together. So much fun to be had with this challenge!
We have a guest speaker coming to WP this Saturday. Cyndi organised it. Looking forward to it. Means I can relax a bit! :)

So, how was your weekend?

Edited to add:
This was my Monday afternoon ...
This will eventually be the killerbyte cake for the launch on June 13.

And this will be the databyte cake for the launch on June 13

The book cakes are now sitting, happily. The corners didn't droop... yay!

Right before the launch the decorations (royal icing piped butterflies) and wording will go on ... until then.

They're pretty much done. :)

Quite pleased that they look like I imagined they would. Don't think I'll do this again, it wasn't terribly hard but kinda stressful.

But it's done. :)

Another step closer to June 13th.

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