Friday, April 11, 2014

You've got something I need

Turns out stress is a sneaky fucking thing that you don't always notice until it smacks you in the face and screams or in my case flashes pretty lights, creates huge holes in my vision, and drives railroad spikes into my skull. Yep, that's my version of stress screaming. Not fun. 

But yay it's Friday. 
I see wine in my future.
Not Shiraz though. I see a delicious Pinot Noir ... just the thing for a Friday night. 

Got a couple of things to read.
Eric sent me gamebyte late last week and I do need to read it and write my parts. Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. I'll explain ...
It's a joint venture. (No fucking kidding.)
I don't know yet who from Delta will be involved in the story but it won't be Ellie, or at least it won't be Ellie taking the lead. Half the story is told from the point of view of a fourteen year old girl. (I think she's 14, I'll get back to you on that ... can't remember, we've had MANY discussion regarding this particular story.)
I'm not leading this story at all. I'm simply writing Delta's perspective as the case unfolds. That's something new for me, and challenging, and hopefully fun. I'll let you know.

The other reading I have in front of me ... yes still reading databyte. To be fair I haven't done a lot of reading this week. I usually read at night - but this week - I've been sleeping. Falling asleep with my kindle before reading anything at all. Unusual. 
Also, reading a book for a friend which I started reading at netball yesterday. 
So yeah, lots of reading. Not so much writing. 

I have a feeling that a story I was working on a few months ago is actually part of something bigger - I thought it was Kurt's story and novella length at best ... it is Kurt's story but it's not a novella and it's not a novel on it's own, it's part of something. What? No clue. But I'll figure it out. Or it'll tell me. 
Patience Grasshopper. Yeah nah ... so not good at patience. Just tell me already!!

Have a sneaky feeling that I won't be really diving into writing psychobyte until after the killerbyte/databyte launch in June. It's sitting here ... I'm about 15 chapters in but haven't touched it all week and barely did anything last week either ... that tells me I'm not focused like I need to be, so best leave it until I am!

The weekend is busy.

Writer's Plot tomorrow. Saturday's are fun when they're a WP day. 

I need apple crumble. 
Yeah. I do.
Going to make some today. 
If you were in my head ... that wouldn't be as random as it looks on the page. :)

Have a good one! 

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