Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Fire Inside

It's Thursday.

It's been busy.
Before school this morning I sliced my middle finger up quite well, under the nail. Bit ouchy. Sometimes not being able to tell where things are when I look I an looking down on them is a real pain in the freaking ass. This is one of those times. Turns out the plastic laundry basket is sharp - when you shove your hand into it to grab washing (and you're in a hurry) and you can't tell how close your hand is to the sides. Yeah, annoying.

So anyway. I needed Breezy's help to hold a wound dressing (she's not fond of blood) so that was interesting. I did manage to it all sorted without her seeing anything. Wasn't easy. It's the middle finger of my right hand.

Moving on.

Got to school, was sitting in class not really paying attention ... because it was news time. All of a sudden Ange says my name. Time to pay attention. The kids had finished their writing for the week, yesterday ... now what? Me, that's what. In the hot seat. Actually in Ange's chair ... hmmm.
What were we going to do?
Write zombie stories of course!
But not everyone wanted to write zombies. So a small group of girls wrote fairy stories. (Yeah not my kid, she was straight into the zombiness of it all.) There was also one child who wanted to write about the Titanic. :)
I've never seen the kids get on with writing so quickly. A few of them wrote more than I've ever seen them write. Just goes to show  - give them something they think is fun and their little imaginations fire. Some really need to work on telling stories, others are pretty damn good.
Interesting morning.

If I remember I'll take a couple of stories to read them ... might have to skip a few sentences but I think they'll get the jist. :) I've done zombie, I've even done fairies, just not like anything they've heard before.
I'm not the most child friendly writer. I know! I can see your surprised faces. hahahaha

Also, I was and am wearing a Bon Jovi tee-shirt today. That apparently interested several of the kids.
 "Do I like him?"
"Is he your favorite person?"
"Who is he?"
Seriously? hahaha. A rock star.

Tomorrow I'll wear an FBI tee shirt. Less questions. :)

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