Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The excitement of getting into a story

Sometimes it's really hard to get into a particular characters head.
(Yes, we've talked about this before. Thank you for noticing!)

A few weeks ago I knew I was having character issues - then I got sick - so writing didn't happen anyway and I bought myself some time before I had to worry about the character in question and how he'd react in the situation I knew he was about to find himself in.

Yesterday I realised that I was starting to think story again. It feels really good to be thinking story and wanting to write!
So I started to make notes and change a few crime scenes around (not so much changed them around as spread them out ...) then it happened - I saw Ellie tell Mitch something and a big blank wall. What the?
A blank wall?
Surely the wall shouldn't be there?
It should be Mitch, he should be reacting to Ellie, I should be able to see the whole scene play out. But I couldn't. Grrrr.
I knew what I needed. I needed to run the scenario by Grasshopper. I needed expert Mitch advice. Because writing with a blank wall ... wasn't going to work for me. And this is such a BIG thing that I can't write around it or ignore it. Like it or not, it's there and I needed to know how Mitch would handle the situation. Not how Ellie would handle it ... that I know. Not how Kurt, Sam, and Lee would handle it - because I know.

New characters take time.
Mitch is relatively new and getting to know him takes time. He's been an actual character in two books so far - okay, the first was more like an introduction and not a huge part (snakebyte). In eraserbyte he has a big role. (You'll see next year.)
It's a lot of fun. He's different to the rockstar and the actor and to Mac. Although sometimes I see a bit of Mac in him? Going from writing a character like Rowan with an ego that just doesn't quit, or Mike who isn't exactly short in the ego department either, to writing Mitch ... very different - the only commonality is that they all quite like/liked Ellie. (And they might all be blonde ... it's a thing,we all have a thing.)

I think I need to have more faith in my ability to tap into Mitch because he's right there and he's everything I thought he was (and more), guess maybe he seemed too good to be true? And I wasn't entirely sure I was seeing him as he is - or maybe Ellie wasn't entirely sure and that clouds my judgment?
How does that work?
Who is writing whom?

So anyway ... I'm writing. I'm loving it. I know how Mitch is going to react. I know how Ellie reacts. I REALLY love this twist in the story.
Meanwhile ... crime scenes await. :)

And apparently I have to go pick the child up from netball, again.
Holidays? What holidays? :)

Edited to add:
At netball sitting in the freezing cold wind something occurred to me ... the reason it's so hard to write Mitch (for me) is because he doesn't have an agenda. He's actually all about Ellie.
Ha. Who knew?
Probably Mitch.


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