Friday, April 25, 2014

Sometimes being so far ahead sucks :)

Yep, it does.
I want to talk about something my characters are going through and how their ability to sense each other has changed and well, I can't. Massive spoilers. And the worst thing is ... I'm talking about something that happens in book 8.
Yeah 8.
6 has just hit Amazon and other online retailers (paperback) and just arrived (yesterday) on my doorstep ... cos my publishers rock. Yes, they do.
So, talking about this thing ... yeah nah. Not even when 7 comes out next year. I may well explode. :)  I can see it now ... brains and guts everywhere.

Meanwhile ... pretty pretty piles of gorgeousness ahead of the databyte launch in June. All the books! Exciting!!
I've already made comment (on Facebook) about me wearing a shirt that needs ironing ... it's not pajamas and considering how sick I've been the last two weeks ... think yourselves lucky that I am dressed and wearing BB cream and Thin Lizzy - yes that is the secret to looking okay instead of full-on sick, trying the look okay feel okay thing. (FYI it's not so successful.) :)

In a box

In a row on my bed

a square? :)

Me  ... taken by The Girl Wonder. April 24 2014

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