Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Short on time this morning so blog post it is ...

It's Wednesday by all accounts, unless you live in the northern hemisphere.

News so far this week:
1. An interview with yours truly over at Dusty Skull.
2. And I'm still sick. Flu became a chest infection. Not loving this at all.
3. Then I got carded by a Twitter account.
What the fuck?
It amused me greatly. Jim Beam NZ decided I wasn't old enough to follow them.

Just awesome!
Now I need a fake ISP?

I did eventually manage to follow Jim Beam ... from my laptop and ... never mind how.
I just hope they're worth it.
It is after all the drink of choice to kill chickens. (Read killerbyte? You'll know what I mean if you have ... although I'm not sure I mentioned the bourbon by name. So I am now. It was a long time ago (read - we were still old enough to know better but apparently didn't) and it was a 40 oz of Jim Beam consumed way too fast by Actionman and myself at a 21st.)

School goes back next week. I'm not actually looking forward to it. The holidays have been okay - well I've been sick the whole time but they've been okay. The kids have amused themselves mostly. :)

Been working kinda ... did a few full days of writing in the last week which has been fun, but tiring. Probably should do less and just rest.
Psychobyte is coming along nicely. Lots of fun to be had there which is good, because I'm feeling quite isolated from the world at the moment and sometimes having another world populated with people who are all manner of fun at my fingertips is a good thing. :)

On that note ...

on with the day ...


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