Wednesday, April 2, 2014

She's A Rainbow

It's Wednesday, April 2nd.

So far this week has been busy. Very busy. Which is good, because I don't want too much thinking time lurking around this week.

I had Monday off. I spent the day hanging out with a long time friend. Went out for lunch. Was so nice! Awesome day.

Yesterday, I worked.
I was at school in the morning. Worked through a hundred pages of Project 2. I'm a third of the way through now. So that's pretty good going. Had a slow start due to someone putting my book in storage for a week - he'd only had it for a month to supposedly read. Yeah nah, he didn't read it. And who puts someone else's book in storage?
So anyway, now I have it back ... shouldn't take me too long to get Project 2 to a point where it will actually take shape. Here's hoping, anyway. Tick tick tick.
Did a lot of research reading for psychobyte - came up with a few interesting things. You'll find out eventually.
My laptop decided to lock me out last night.
Two and a half hours before I could get back into it. Grrrr.
Words were said. They were not good ones.

Netball started for Breezy this week. Awesome!

This time last year I was dreading every time the phone rang and getting ready to go back to Hospice Marlborough to be with Wonder Woman - knowing that it would be the last time we'd all be together. Hard to believe it's been a year since she died.
Lots of images in my head at the moment. Things I was doing this time last year. Juggling kids and stuff up here, finalizing edits of databyte, doing a lot of flying between Wellington and Blenheim, spending a lot of time with Wonder Woman and Superman - which was great - the circumstances sucked though. I expect all the images and memories to intensify as the weekend approaches and I fly back to Blenheim and spend the weekend with Superman at home in Mahau Sound. I expect it, but that doesn't mean I'll be okay with it. So I'd rather not think too much this week. And I don't want to see the newspaper this weekend.
There is no need, I lived it, I don't need to see it in print.

There aren't many people who knew what was happening a year ago - just close friends and family. They know who they are and how much I appreciate their love and support.

On a brighter note ... my publisher told me my books should be on their way to me in a few days. So, yes, there will be books available at the launch.
And databyte has it's ISBN now too.
Can't wait until killerbyte and databyte are on their way - I'll be getting the other four first - because killerbyte is getting a new cover so, it'll be relaunched with databyte in June. That'll be fun.
I'm going to need tequila.
Just putting that out there.
Still waiting for the okay to share the covers!!!

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