Monday, April 7, 2014

Oracle aka Big sis

As you all know ... I like and use nicknames for people in my life. Mainly so freaks have a harder job putting two and two together and making scary shit happen.

It became apparent recently that big sis (who adopted me early last year as her sister because, well, I don't have any of my own) never got a nickname. Of course she did come with one, but it's more a family name than how I see her.
So, some thought went into this over the weekend, while Action Man, Big sis, and I were home in Mahau with Superman.
And this is what I came up with ... Oracle. (aka Barbara Gordon from D.C. Comics)
Yeah, all the awesome.

This is kinda what it looks like now ... just so you don't lose track:
When I talk about the following people ...
Wonder Woman (also known as the Mothership)
Action Man
The Boy Wonder
The Girl-Wonder (formerly known as Weather-Girl formerly known as Squealer)
Admin One
Admin Bubbles

... it is safe to assume they are family.

And now for this:

the newly revamped and released killerbyte

What I have no clue about is why the new cover doesn't show up properly on Amazon. It's quite odd. I can see it, but the minute I click on it it reverts to the old cover. Weird!

Loving the cover. Really loving it. I still haven't actually read the new version of killerbyte. So I have no clue if there is any notable difference between this and the original. I have kinda glimpsed the new formatting (paperback) and instead of italics for chat room conversations it's bold. Looks nice. Content wise it was simply a re-edit ... nothing can actually change within the story as it's the foundation book for the series. :)

Am part way through reading databyte ...

Thought I better re-read it ... I've written 12 short stories, another byte novel and am part way through the 8th Byte novel since writing databyte. :)

Even though databyte went through 3 edit rounds and I was heavily involved in all, I haven't actually sat down and read the book beginning to end since early Feb. And, you know, I kinda need to know it rather well before the official launch and the things that go along with book launches.

So currently reading databyte.
And not so much writing. But it's all good. I'll be back into writing psychobyte soon enough. Already a book ahead so I can slow down a bit. :)

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