Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I need some music!

Today is a bit like that ... can't seem to find the right music. Not usually a problem. I know what I don't want to hear. Adele. As much as I love her, I do not want to hear her today. So ... no Adele.
Problem is, there is too much choice as I sit here scrolling through album after album.
I can see that I'll be going for the tried and true ... Have A Nice Day. :)

So anyway ... my day?

Yeah nah.

Started okayish. Bit flat. But that's okay and to be expected some days.
Then it got a bit weird.
School was good, the kids were good. Didn't have a lot to do. Lucky really because I had two phone calls from Action Man. He had some shitty news delivered via text today. (His family is the ultimate in dysfunctional, that's all you need to know and all I can say without using words that would turn the air blue - not that that would stop me, but the nature of the news means I should probably show a little respect? If not for them at least for Action Man's feelings.)

School finishes early today. I don't know if Breezy has netball or not. Guess I should leave Romeo at home? He won't enjoy netball. He does need a walk. But he won't thank me if he has to spend an hour standing watching a ball (he does not like balls) being thrown around.

This morning there was a BIG slug on the shower wall. What the fuck? How did the disgusting thing even get into the upstairs bathroom? I hate slugs. This was not a fun thing for me to see next to the shampoo bottle at all. Just yuck.

The cake is made (the cake for the databyte/killerbyte launch in June). It's sitting on the table wrapped in tin foil, waiting. What's it waiting for? Icing of course. :) It's also waiting to be turned into an open book. We'll see if that happens or not.

The new cover for killerbyte is now finally visible when you click on the paperback link within Amazon and when you click "look inside" now you can see how pretty my new cover is! :) (Yes, I am really smiling.)

That's pretty much it for today.
Kinda thinking about how to work this weeks Writers Plot session - we're writing a radio play. Challenging. Should be fun though.
Still reading databyte. Tried to read last night. It was a bit of a fail. I woke at 5:30 this morning with my kindle on the bed near my hand ... not only did I not read but I don't think I moved at all last night. Tired? Yes indeedy.

Hope you all have a good Wednesday.


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