Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

It's completely different to Easter Weekend 2011. That weekend we were in Fairfax, Va. Having a great time. This weekend, I've mostly been in bed, having a less great time ... flu does not make for a fun holiday weekend.

It's Monday. It's a holiday. Breezy has netball at 11. If I get to the pharmacy (more cold/flu meds) before then - netball practice will be a family thing - if not, it'll be a daddy/daughter thing.

I want ... I want one of those really big white chocolate Easter bunnies. Yep, I do, you know the ones ... stand about a foot and a half high, thick white chocolate. I don't so much want to eat it. I want to shoot it.
Yeah, you heard.
I wanna use one as a target.
Figured it'd be fun.
Action Man said no to me using his rifle, so Glock it is then?
Just seems like shooting the Easter Bunny would be all kinds of satisfying.
In fact I'd like to shoot one for EVERY use of the words totally, really, so, like, was, and all the text speak in the story I tried to read last night ... except it'd cost a large fortune to buy that many freaking bunnies and I'd probably run out of ammo or get a particularly bad case of over-use syndrome in my trigger finger.

Just so I didn't go completely insane last night while reading, I put that story down, and picked up the partial I have of psychobyte on my kindle. Think I'm caught up with where the story is at and heading now! :)
I've been sick 10 days now. I haven't written.
I've read.
I finished reading databyte - so I am familiar with the whole story again. Yes, I know I wrote it. But I wrote it over a year ago. Since then I've worked through the edits with my glorious editor at Rebel - that tends to mean I don't see the whole story for a while - I see it in scenes and smaller video clips but not the finer details that join sections. Things get lost.
I've also written the next book and several short stories (about 12) and started another book, and so forth ... so I haven't simply forgotten what I wrote, it's been superseded by the next novel and the next.
I needed a refresher before interviews happen. :)

Admittedly I kinda failed that 'refresher before interviews  happen' thing ... did an interview sometime last week. I can't remember when. But I do know I forgot to include any real info about the story line in databyte and sent a quick blurb off independently of the interview questions. :)

Kinda have an idea how I want the launch cake to look. Not at all sure if that will translate to an actual thing though.
Book cakes.
Beck is making me chocolate guns and handcuffs ... I'd also like a butterfly. No idea how to achieve that. Not sure about getting the titles on the spines either - but no doubt I'll figure it out?
Might need Admin One and the Oracle to help with this fondant icing nightmare!

Am looking forward to feeling better ... any day now ...

Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.

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