Saturday, April 5, 2014

databyte by Cat Connor

Morning you lovely lot ...

It's just gone 5 am. I'm off down to Mahau Sound this morning with Action Man and older sis (who obviously needs a code name yet, some how, has missed out ... we'll work on that.)

This morning while drinking my first quad espresso ... I discovered DATABYTE is now a thing. I knew it would be soon, because I need books for the launch in June (and there is a lead time to consider).
But it's today.
And that's all manner of awesome.
Ya see, this is the second book I wrote while cancer destroyed Wonder Woman's body and spirit. And this weekend marks the first anniversary of her death. So, I'm going home to be with Superman ... and this book is Superman's book. (Hence the Leonard Cohen references.)
We spent a lot of time together while Wonder Woman was sick and continue to do so.

The other special thing about this book is the person who helped me round out a new character (and became the solid foundation that I built on). We've done 'rock star' it was time to do actor.
Thanks Mark - hope you like what I did here, hahaha. :)

And the link?

databyte by Cat Connor

I'll see you all when I get back.
Enjoy your weekend.


PS: What do ya think of the cover??

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