Monday, March 24, 2014

You and me we're invincible together

Yes I am  listening to Captain Crash.
High energy music.
No more Adele during this book.
As much as I love her ... she doesn't so much love me. :)
I need Bon Jovi to help me inject energy into my work and my day. I'm a much happier person when I'm bouncing around the room singing while I'm letting video play in my head and watching scenes emerge.
I like that version of me.

Currently working on psychobyte.
Really starting to get into it.
So much fun. Some surprises which are all making this interesting - not that my books aren't always interesting, because, well, we all know I wouldn't bother writing them if the story wasn't of interest to me. (Yes it is all about me ... what's the point writing something I don't enjoy?)

I was away over the weekend. Went home. It was nice. Always good being home and hanging out with Superman.

Until March 26 snakebyte and archive are both free as kindle downloads from Amazon. Enjoy.

There are film trucks and so forth outside today. I think they're most of the week. No idea what they're filming, but it's interesting watching people wander past carrying things. Makes a change from my usual 'nothing to see here' view.

There is a chance that I might be hungry ... must be lunch time.

Hope you're all having an awesome Monday.

Ahhh, Keep the Faith ... album has changed. :)

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