Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Walking through the fire ...

Not really fire ... more like freezing rain. Yes, the opposite of fire. :)

It's actually so cold that I'm wearing gloves inside and last night I slept in thermals. This does not bode well for winter.

Meanwhile ...

Things and stuff and goings on.

Big thing at the moment is 75% off books on Smashwords.
Now's your chance to read the byte series really cheaply.
But only until March 8.
So get in there. This is the link to killerbyte - you can quickly click on the covers of the other byte books from this page.
Go on, quick, while the prices is so amazing. Talk about a bargain.

These arrived yesterday:

A banner for the book launch in June

The poetry book from Terrorbyte

The photo of the banner isn't that great - had to stand on a chair to take the picture ... it's quite a big banner. Should look pretty cool hanging in the library!!

Whispers is the poetry book that's talked about in terrorbyte and exacerbyte - with poems from all the byte novels and beyond. Poetry that was intended to be used in a few of the books but I changed my mind, some that were Mac/Ellie and Rowan/Ellie collaborations. (Don't even ask how that's possible! Just accept it, it's MUCH easier that way.)
The Girl Wonder said the book should be a thing (because she wanted to read all the poems), so, it is. And she nabbed a copy immediately and had me sign it. Cute. :)
Cover image is one I took in Canada.

My bookcase is filling up!
This year has been quite fun book wise. :)

Getting full ...

This morning I was at school again with Breezy's class. Fun.
Tomorrow I am at school with Breezy then college with The Girl Wonder and Romeo. That should be fun. Hope the weather improves.
Bit tired of being wet.
Christchurch is flooded - suspect they're a bit over it down there as well. :)
Excellent time to read ... yeah, going with that ... the only byte book so far that has a large section set in NZ is exacerbyte and it's mostly set in Christchurch.
Oh and ... 75% off at the moment.
hahaha yeah go on, you know you want to. :)

Enough with my procrastinating. Time to do some work.
I kinda have already today. I fiddled about with some scenes in the kiwi novel. About up to the part where it needs some 'blockbustering' (thank you Lorenza!), which translates to more deaths and higher stakes and bye bye Donald and cronie number 3.
Such fun.

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