Sunday, March 2, 2014

There's something missing ...

Yep, something is missing.

There is no page at the top of my blog for ERASERBYTE (the 7th novel). What on earth?
I must remedy that.

And I will ... soon.


I've been busy. Very busy.

Yesterday was a big day. Three things were completed. I'll tell you about two of them. :)

1. Eraserbyte is now with my editor at Rebel.

Terror attacks in Washington, DC, send SSA Ellie Conway scrambling for answers. Surveillance footage is erased before her eyes as rubble spills into the streets. Carnage and mayhem are the new normal.

Her initial comment (based on the log line) "Lordy, lordy ... this will mean some new clothes for Ellie."

She's not wrong. :)

This is a special book (okay they ALL are) but this is different ... yeah I know ... but really it is.
You see Admin One wanted me to write about us and what we did while in DC.
So I took that idea and went nuts with it. When I sat down and looked at our photos and thought about the things we did ... a lot of stuff was set up beautifully and could easily be viewed as something it wasn't.
Yeah we had a lot of fun.
The other difference in this book ... is that Ellie has come almost full-circle ... in a way.
She's older, possibly wiser ... yeah nah ... don't think we can go that far? She's ready to embrace life again and the new man in it.
(You met him in Snakebyte, and you hear about him in Databyte.)
So this is the first book since killerbyte to have a proper relationship element to it and that's nice. It's about time she lived a little. She's not very good at work/life balance. :)

So, that was yesterday. It's gone. I don't need to do anything with it for sometime now.

2. Also ... I signed off on databyte.
So, done, and we're hurtling toward the launch date ... June 13.
Now I'm getting excited. :)

3. Secret project that only a few people very close to me know about and it will stay that way until I have something concrete to share.

As well as all that ...

Yesterday was Writer's Plot day. The topic was writing sex.
2 years ago when I was asked if I'd host A Writer's Plot I never imagined I'd be talking about writing sex ...
I'm just going to leave it like that and let you all imagine how that topic was discussed in the library ...
(I needed waterproof mascara ... due to tears of laughter ... and that's all you're getting.)

This made me laugh this morning - thanks Caro.

Also ... random crazy fact:

To date .. The byte series (7 novels and snakebyte) combined word count is approx 762K.
That I know the word count for each book is kinda weird, especially when I have soooo much trouble counting fucking chapters. :)

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