Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday ...

It's hot. Very  muggy. Not a fan of muggy weather. Was a tad Fiji like here this morning.

Cyclone Lusi ... she really didn't do much except cause muggy weather!
It did rain briefly before - of course it did, the second load of washing is on the line. :)

Mostly a quiet weekend.
Yesterday was Writer's Plot.
We were talking NZ fiction. Not my favorite subject, most of you know why (quick recap - force fed dreadful NZ fiction at school - seems to have put me off for life) ... the new challenge was set. Write GOOD NZ Fiction - and make me want to read it. There's more to it than that ... last week I encouraged them all to write steamy fiction and now I want bloody deaths. :)
This will be interesting.
Of course most of the group are still finishing off their collaboration stories and their micro-soft porn stories ... so this challenge has been dropped onto the pile. They were warned that this year I'd make them work. :)

Other than that ... not much has happened this weekend.

I've been listening to Ellie. She's getting insistent with her chatter - guess that means I'll be writing A LOT very soon. I've lost a notebook with a list of victims names in it. That's unfortunate. It's got to be here somewhere ...

I managed to find a new cap! Wasn't as easy as it should've been. It's grey and I think it's a kids one. But it fits and that's all good. Took Romeo for a walk. Did not know it was 30 degrees - thought it was hot and he seemed very hot ... got home and checked the Trentham Weather station ... yeah 30. Definitely hot. Poor dog!

I'm gong home next weekend - just for the weekend.
Should be interesting. Will be nice to see Superman.
Then in two weeks Chris, Carolyn, and I are going home for Wonder Woman's anniversary. (And Jojo is staying with the girls and the Romeo.)

But before that killerbyte is being re-edited and freshly formatted. My editor told me she needs to get it finished by March 20. It's getting a brand new cover and being re-launched with databyte in June. I can't wait to see what the artist comes up with for both killerbyte and databyte.
Yes, that means an extra large cake for the launch or at least a rectangular cake instead of square or circular.
I'll make it and then Carolyn will turn it into an open book and the pages will have killerbyte on one side and databyte on the other. :)

Might need to get on with the cake making shortly. Have the fruit sitting here now. I forgot the OJ though. So, cake making can wait until mid week - by which time I may have organised myself to get the OJ. Might need to talk to Admin One about brandy too. Mine's getting low. She makes great brandy ... it's the perfect finishing touch for Nana's fruit cake recipe.

Other news?
Not much really ... I ordered new business cards. They're darker. It's all part of the re-branding that's going on.
I have two banners arriving soon for the launch.
My shelf of books that I giveaway is emptying out ... which I think is a good thing? Will be nice to get the reformatted byte series books. It's annoyed me for the last few years that flashbyte and soundbyte were a larger format than the first three. Now ALL the books are in the bigger format. (I'll keep my original set of books though because they're dated.)

Writer's Plotters got to see Whispers in the Water for the first time yesterday. They're the first people outside of family to see that book.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


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