Tuesday, March 11, 2014

So yesterday ...

I wrote a massive rant of a blog post.
BUT had the presence of mind not to post it.
Wasn't so long ago that I would've hit post (fuck the consequences).
Although it's still sitting there ... so I best delete it before hitting post tempts me too much. The thing that pissed me off isn't going away anytime soon - it's part of the industry I work in. A really goddamn annoying part. Yeah not over it. :)

Last night I almost fell asleep on the floor watching Person of Interest. Yes I was that tired. So I didn't get to see the end of the show nor did I see The Walking Dead. I'll watch both on demand later - if I get the chance.

Was a busy day yesterday - hence I was exhausted.
In between running around meeting with people, walking the hound, and school ... I was writing. Working on the other project. The notebook is starting to get use - which is a good sign. Means I'm committed to the story. Wrote a scene in the notebook early last night. All good. I'll get back to work on it after I've done my thing in the classroom this morning.

The banana shortage is not making me happy. I love bananas. I eat a lot of bananas. Yeah not at the moment.
Not good at all.

At some point today I need to go to the post office and post 3 books to the lovely Lucy - if I get organised I could go straight there after school this morning. I'll try that and see how it goes. Either way Lucy - you'll get the books soonish!

It's 3 months until the official launch of databyte.
I might post event details this week?
Although I'd sooner wait until we have a cover.
Not feeling like I'll be seeing a cover anytime soon. I may not be in the best of moods today ... just putting that out there.

Waiting on some books to arrive at the moment. Looking forward to seeing the final product. :)

On a side note:
Ever wanted to scream "Shut the fuck up I'm trying to think!" ... yeah? Welcome to my morning.

So I sat in the classroom but wasn't actually needed - the kids were brainstorming. Meanwhile, I wrote four and a half pages long hand in about 20 minutes (in the notebook) and I have no idea where it fits in this story. I'll figure it out, I always do. It's a good solid scene that ramps up the tension. Maybe I know where it belongs?

Writing about the town I live in is really creeping me out. I much prefer bad shit to happen in other places. I suppose I could've said I prefer bad shit not to happen at all - but that'd be a tad boring.

Now, I need coffee. I've been so busy that I forgot I had a coffee on my desk. Cold coffee anyone?

So these are the new covers - all 5 of them - two of the books are new. The other 3 have been reformatted etc.

Yes I have been busy this year and all five of those books will be available at the launch in June.
In case you're wondering ... Whispers in the Water is the poetry book that is referred to in killerbyte, terrorbyte, and exacerbyte - it also contains the lyrics Ellie and Rowan wrote for the album referenced in flashbyte and soundbyte.

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