Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reminder to myself

This morning I was in Room 2 helping one of the boys write. He can write. He's year 4. He just needs help focusing to write.
Today he worked really well.
Tomorrow I need to bring my kindle loaded with my work from today to show him how much I did. That seems fair, right?
What does 5-7000 words look like when a child is writing maybe four sentences?
The only problem with this idea ... my writing isn't exactly child friendly. The latest book is about a really weird killer and I don't so much want any of the kids reading my words.
So, sanitizing as I type?
I can't sanitize my work. I am who I am and write how I write.
But I can show them the amount of work I produce on a typical day ... with a graphic representation. (Rather than scar them for life with my graphic scenes!) I'll snip the word count, page number etc and show them the image and flick through the pages (fast). Some is of course perfectly able to be shared, a family dinner scene for example. That is what they'll see.
Bodies drained of blood ... not so much.
Ellie's interrogation techniques? Yeah nah, that's grown up stuff.

Kids ... they make you think. Here was me thinking (or not) that the point of me being in the class was to help them think. ha!


In other news ... there is none.
Same shit different day.

As you were.

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