Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Perfume ... quite complicated

I'm not fond of the word 'complicated' but crikey perfumes are. Or maybe the word is complex?
My day today - perfume.
Could be worse. :)
Not quite as much fun as diamonds, to be fair. But not everything is about diamonds (or me? ... yeah nah, not seeing it at all).

So, my hours of reading netted 44 pages of notes. I have a clue which perfume is missing from a crime scene but I can't match that to a body wash ... yet. Because I will, I just haven't found it yet.

Comment was made that 'Psychobyte' sounds like an awesome perfume. It really does ... it would have base notes of sandalwood, amber, cedar, musk and vanilla. (If it were a perfume.) In fact it would be a floral/oriental with a heart of daffodil, carnation, lily of the valley, orchid and iris and maybe some orange blossom, little heliotrope and jasmine.
I've given this absolutely no thought at all ... as you can tell. :)

Research is fun.

So what'd you all do today?

Feel free to tell me ... I've got a few scenes to write now. Had to go searching through exacerbyte notes - this is why I don't throw my notebooks away - needed the name of the company that sent cologne to Grange and also the names of the perfumer and CEO. I figured if Ellie had dealt with a perfumer before she'd be likely to enlist his help identifying the missing perfume. Such fun. :)

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