Saturday, March 8, 2014

Not sure where this is going ...

Which is not unusual. I don't usually know where a story is going until it gets there. That's just how my mind works. It doesn't like to share too much at once. Little bits and pieces that all slot together in a linear fashion until I have a beginning, middle, and an end ... then it gives me details.

So being 5 chapters into Psychobyte and not knowing where it's going, no real surprise. It's all good. (In a very warped way.)

It's not fun yet. It will be soon. But it's not yet. At the moment it's just me trying to understand where Delta are now and how Ellie has changed since eraserbyte. And she has. She will. She grows just like we do. So does the team. They're not getting any younger here. :) Could even be some changes coming up. Feels like there might be but I don't know what or how drastic the changes will be.
(That's kinda exciting.)
I do know this story is another that will travel. Where to, that's anyone's guess at the moment. But it will travel. It's not entirely set in Northern Va.

Writing may be my weekend.
Nice to be writing again.
Not that I haven't been - but I really haven't been. :) I've been collating and formatting and so forth ... and have produced some fun stuff but as for writing, yeah, nah, not so much. Time to get back to it. Before I go nuts. (More nuts? Not sure that's even possible!)

So, three projects.
2 x byte and 1 that is not.
2 of which I want finished in the next two months.
1 can happily carry on as a WIP until next year. (yes, that one is psychobyte)
I'm a book ahead and therefore have some breathing room. Breathing room is good.

Of course, I may not figure out where psychobyte is heading until late this year - what with 2 other projects on the go an' all. That could be a problem. Depends how insistent Ellie becomes at telling this story. Just go with it. I've long since giving up fighting that particular lunacy.

Tonight we're having a dessert dinner with the Admins. Things need celebrating because life got stupidly busy and the milestones/cool stuff slipped into the ether. So today, we celebrate the last months of awesome.
And there is quite a bit of awesome to celebrate. Not sharing all of it here.
In fact ... doesn't look like I'm sharing any of it.
But if you've been paying attention over the last few weeks you probably know anyway. :)

I've been spending 3 mornings a week in Breezy's class room helping with story writing. Mostly I love it. On Thursday I did not love it. I am very glad it's not every day.
Later on Thursday morning I took Romeo to college. The Girl Wonder gave a speech about the GAP program. Almost 10 minutes of speaking about greyhounds to a class full of her peers. IMPRESSIVE. So incredibly impressed. (I recall English class speeches and doing everything in my power to NOT speak in front of the class.)
Not my kid. Oh no. She was all about the speech and even looking forward to it.
If any of you remember the occasional posts that have appeared here about Squealer* over the years and how I struggled to understand her particular collection of disorders and to encourage her to take part in life then you will know just how amazing the speech was.
The big thing here is never give up on a kid no matter what you're told. Do not give up. Keep pushing for answers. Keep pushing for help. Just keep freaking pushing. It ain't easy ... but you might one day be in a classroom full of 15 and 16 year olds while your kid holds their attention and talks for 10 minutes on one topic without notes. :)
(Not to mention the merits and the honors certificates she's earned over the last two years.)

Right ... on with the weekend. Hope you all have a good one! :)

*now renamed The Girl Wonder because she is now so like her big brother The Boy Wonder it's astounding.

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