Saturday, March 29, 2014

News ...

Some of you already know this but for those who didn't see it anywhere else ...

ERASERBYTE is the official 7th byte novel.
Contract signed yesterday.

I imagine that 'sometime next year' will be the release date. :)
Eraserbyte is the Admins book. It really was challenging to write. At times VERY challenging but also enjoyable, although not always enjoyable - parts of that book did my head in. Soon I will create a page for eraserbyte! Just been a bit busy lately.

In other news:
I need a manager.
I've known that for a while.
But it's become quite obvious lately. I'm not elaborating because if I do I'll use words that no manager would approve of, so, I'm just going to shut up.

Today is a Writer's Plot day.
Am looking forward to it, greatly.
It's where ALL the laughter is.

My new business cards arrived yesterday. I am thrilled with them!! They're beautiful. All part of the re-branding that's happening.

I've seen the potential new cover for killerbyte and the potential cover for databyte. Just waiting for the go-ahead to share those with you all.
They're pretty freaking cool. Completely different. I'm loving the colors.
Yeah, you'll see eventually.

I'm writing psychobyte and loving it. Warped. Very. It also makes me laugh. A recent development in the story is really fascinating (to me). I have no clue how it will play out and it's interesting following the story line to see what will happen next. For the first time ever Ellie has to try and achieve a work/life balance - that alone is entertaining for me.


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