Friday, February 14, 2014

We all know I can't count chapters ... right?

Turns out I can't count poems either. Yes, that was the end of my week! :)

Ya see, Weather-Girl had this clever idea about Tuesday ... it went like this, "Mum, you should publish the poetry book that Aidan publishes in killerbyte."

Seemed so simple because after all, the poems were all in a PDF which used to be downloadable from Ellie's blog (but isn't now, because I killed the blog. Straw/camel situation).

Yeah nah. They weren't all there at all. Okay great. Quite a few were newish so I had those on hand. IT was the old ones that posed a problem or two. I couldn't find the original files. BUT, I knew they existed in hard copy. Right? Of course. Bearing in mind a lot of those poems were from back in the poetry chat room days ... and that was a fucking long time ago. Hard copy? Sure. Where would that be?
After much thinking, searching, and annoyance I found hard copies.
So, then the typing, formatting, editing began.
At this point it's worth knowing this was going to be a half day job at most when I started it on Tuesday.
By yesterday morning I was getting quite tired of it.
I lost count of the number of times I ripped the guts out of the template and reformatted the thing - eventually it all came together.
Really, I beat it into submission and threatened it with eternal damnation if it didn't sort itself out.

AND THEN one poem was on the wrong side of the page.

I started again.

AND THEN I scrolled through the formatted version and not all the poems had transported themselves to the Contents page ... and therefore didn't have numbers. Grrrr.
What I thought was a collection of 51 poems is not. There are 68 +.
*Smacks head repeatedly into desk!*

So cover? Yes, what a good idea.
Wanna see it? This is the fourth and final version.
Bear in mind I don't care if you like it or not because this is pretty much just for my own benefit. :)

In case you are at all interested the base image was one I took of the Bay of Fundy.
Hello Atlantic Ocean. :)

That wasn't the only thing I did this week. I did a lot.
I reformatted Archive. I reformatted a new story collection called Array ... several times. Grrrr.
It also has cover.
Once again ... don't care if you like it or not - it's my book not yours. :)

The base images used in this cover were taken in Jan just as night fell over Mahau Sound.

What else did I do?
Had coffee with friends.
Wrote a ton of notes for Writer's Plot. Collated the WP challenge stories. Created the survey to accompany the stories.
Said goodbye to our oldest son and our daugther-in-law ... they are back in NZ from the UK for a vacation, so we had them with us for 5 days. Was lovely.
Also did a lot of other stuff.

Currently Action Man is reading Eraserbyte. I think he got a surprise ... there is a reason Anna was calling me EL James earlier in the week. hahahaha
He's enjoying the story - whew!

Busy weekend ahead.
Hope you all have a happy Valentines day. :)

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