Friday, February 21, 2014

Telling the truth often gets me in the shit

It does.
It always has.
One of those 'you can't handle the truth' things. :)
These days I do try harder to contain myself. I'm often unsuccessful - but I try. (Sometimes.)

This week has been BIG.
A lot has happened - work wise.
Somethings have really fucked me off and other things have been awesome.

I'd like to dwell on the awesome but some of that is tied to shit that's fucked me off. So, let's not?

In other news ...

This is a sentence that causes nightmares but not the sort you'd imagine. "Evil dwarf clowns standing on a ships hull under a lifeboat."
Yeah nah don't go there.

Weather-Girl is 15 tomorrow.
It's taking a bit to get my head around that.
I'm sure her older siblings are finding it a bit hard to comprehend as well.

I should be writing.
My will to write is at a very low point. A lot to do with my comment above about things that have really fucked me off.

I just need a few days to get something sorted, then I'm sure I'll be back into the two books I am currently writing and the one that is waiting for me to polish.

I had an idea this morning. It was all kinds of weird. I might still do it, simply because I think I can pull it off.
More about that later.
It might only be a short story though - an entire novel could prove really tricky.
No not telling you what my thought was. You'll find out.
It might just be weird enough to help me get back into writing what I'm already working on.
If you could see in my head (like you can Ellie's) that would make sense - you'd also be very afraid. The light doesn't quite make it to all the corners. There are clowns, something shadowy that feels a little like a scene from The Never Dead (now there's a movie that has never left me), images of ships burning, masks, people screaming, battle fields, things you can never unsee and smells you can't ever forget.
Mostly I don't know where all the things that lurk in the corners come from. I suspect they come from Ellie - and that's a whole different conversation that I'm not about to have with anyone ever. :)

Meanwhile - there is a migraine lurking ... where's my Synergy???

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