Saturday, February 8, 2014

Not so much Rolling in the Deep as sinking :)

This was supposed to be my weekend off!

If you're expecting anything from me over the next week ... don't. Seriously. You'll just be disappointed. I've got so many things I'm doing that anything extra is not going to happen. So best to have zero expectations at this point.
My to-do list got fucking stupid so I am ignoring it.
If you're on it or waiting for something on it ... sorry? Things will eventually return to normal?
Yeah nah, maybe.

One project in particular has taken longer than expected - totally my fault. A few acts of sheer stupidity have slowed everything down.
1. I can't count.
2. I can't count.
3. I fucked up the count.
4. Fuck me, how the hell did I miscount the number of stories??

AND then ... I decided (as I had to re-do something anyway) that I may as well add a few more stories. That seemed simple enough until I realized how very fucked up the formatting was on one of them - it had shit embedded that I haven't seen since Word 98 - and that makes me wonder how the hell it got there. *headdesk*

I started work at 6 this morning. By 12:30 I'd really had enough. Not only have I now added some more stories ... this project contains 12 byte shorts and 4 non-byte stories ... It's gone from 131 pages to 253 pages.
Which means I have to create a new cover.
It's all gotten a bit out of hand to be honest.

But that's not all I'm working on. Wish it was. But it isn't.
Just the mere thought of new covers for the Byte Series is enough to send my blood pressure sky rocketing now. I am soooo very sick of the whole thing. Would be fine if it was all about what I wanted or liked. That'd be quite easy in fact. But it isn't.
Yeah I know I wrote them, that doesn't mean a whole helluva lot when it comes to cover design though, unfortunately.
Right now I just want my books back in print so the back and forth and lack of covers is starting to annoy me.

Moving on.
Then there is the final polish of eraserbyte now that I have some feedback from Jane in NY, just waiting on Anna for her input ... and I'll get this thing off my desk finally.
Moving on.
The kiwi novel that I've tried so hard to love ... based on feedback from Jane in NY and early feedback from Lorenza in NYC ... now requires that I do something with it. No more avoiding it. It needs a final polish and to be somewhere ... Where? I don't know, but somewhere!!
Moving on.
What do I really want to be doing?
Writing of course.
What do I really want to be writing?
The next byte novel and also I want to finish the Kurt Henderson novella.

There are other things I have to do - some of it is Writer's Plot stuff.
I have to edit a short story for someone and have zero enthusiasm for that - might have had a wee bit up until they said they didn't follow the parameters. Yep. Not sure why I should bother at all now. It's not like I'm not busy enough with my own work.

Yesterday we had Christmas again. Our oldest son and his wife are home for a holiday from London.

I am so tired.

There is 4 meters of calico sitting on the table. I would rather like to splatter it with 'blood'. It's raining - so I can't really. Splashing blood about like Dexter is really an outside thing. I have a few things I want to make. :)

Edited to add:
Finally have resubmitted a newly formatted book interior with the RIGHT number of stories ... although Weather-Girl pointed out the contents page numbers are slightly wavy. I don't fucking care. Yes, I am over it.
New cover looks like this:

Mahau Sound - yes you can see two moons. Mahau is a magical place?
Well it is, but it's two photos not two moons. :)

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