Monday, February 17, 2014

No focus.

Getting down to work is not that easy for whatever reason today ... it's not happening.

Lots to do. And I have been busy doing it. Just not focused like to I need to be. Details are elusive. That's not ideal when writing scenes that actually require some detail. :)
On the plus side ... vacuuming and dishes are done, washing is done, house is fairly tidy. Yeah, focus is lacking.

I did briefly mess with the kiwi book. I added some detail to some early scenes and then closed the file. I know what I need to do and where I need to do it. I have some notes and can happily wing it from there ... I just need to find the motivation I had a few days ago for this particular body of work. I'm sure I will.
If someone could tell Ellie to shut the fuck up, it'd help. :)
I'm a novel ahead in the byte series - which is where I like to be. I have time now to work on this kiwi book. I have direction. I have tonnes of fabulous feedback ... and all I can hear is Ellie.
That's really not fair.
She doesn't play fair.
As far as she's concerned it's all about her all the time.
Main characters like that can be a total pain in the ass, sometimes. :) I don't even know what she's talking about at the moment - unless the new byte book (I started writing at the end of last year) has got a paramilitary connection? Which would surprise me cos I thought we were looking at a serial killer ... but that doesn't mean there aren't other cases or indeed other factions involved.
Carolyn did say today she was surprised how many plot lines  there were in Snakebyte (and that is pretty straight forward, I thought?), it's not like flashbyte with 5 separate threads that all overlapped and twisted together. Compared to that all the byte books feel straight forward to me. :)

The weekend was good. Writer's Plot was awesome. Everyone's now getting busy collaborating in pairs on the next challenge. It's fun.
I'm looking forward to the stories.

This also happened in the weekend.
And I drank a bottle of wine.
See if you think the two are related. I'm not saying anything. Nothing. Not a thing.

Action Man is having a half day on Friday. It's Weather-Girls birthday on Saturday and we have to go pick up her present from Wellington. I could just order it online and have it delivered I suppose. I might do yet. Will think about it this afternoon while I'm not working because I'm completely unfocused.

What do I need to help me focus?
No idea.
Maybe I need to read for a bit ... reacquaint myself with Veronica and Ben - also, perhaps read some disaster management info and have a wee look at the valley from a Google Earth perspective.
It might help.
Or maybe I'll go watch some Human Target and just let that inspire me to want to write. :)

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Maybe something needs shooting? Yes, maybe it does.

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