Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Never say never?

So true.

Really. It is.

Last year (you may recall) I was super pissed off with Breezy's school - and said I wouldn't be helping out again after giving up a lot of time to do things like dog safety talks, library visit/reading, school patrol - which I did ALL year.
So this afternoon I walk into Breezy's class and find a very frazzled teacher. A teacher I adore. She asked if I could come in and help. Yes I said.
Guess where I'll be Tuesday-Friday mornings?
Yeah, school.

Meanwhile - today was BUSY. This week has been busy. Good busy. Fun busy mostly.

In August I'll be up in Auckland at a lit festival for 3 days. How awesome is that? I was invited. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :) Have heard it might be 22-24th of August.

I found a review today that I think I had no idea about? Soundbyte.

What else?

Oh yeah, I can't count chapters.
We know this.
It's a thing.
Yesterday and today I had to count chapters. Databyte had a couple of big chapters that my editor thought could be split. One into 4 - yesterday, and two others into two - today.
Oh dear.
Took awhile.
Thankfully I know Jayne can count so the Rebel version won't have the issues I had with my version. hahaha
Also had to come up with extra chapter titles - as you all should know by now - that means songs. Songs that work with the chapters.
Yeah nah, not as easy as you'd think.

And ... looks like you'll see my books in at least one store soon. Here in Upper Hutt.
Happy happy!

Now ... to go get ready for a picnic at school tonight. As you can imagine Action Man is not so pleased with that idea. He had a 'challenging' day at work yesterday. Yeah that's code for a fucking dreadful day. Doesn't sound like today was much better. The thought of a picnic is a bit much for him I think.

I am actually writing at the moment. Psychobyte and also a novella. But today the writing has been a tad slow ... and squeezed among other things. Not happy about that.

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