Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February already?

Yeah I know, it's been Feb for 4 days already ... I've been busy. :)

So, Tuesday already! Okay, great. Tuesday. I got no fucking clue what I'm supposed to be doing this week - thankfully Outlook and my phone know and constantly remind me, and then I dismiss the reminders and drift back into whatever I was doing ... and yeah, miss stuff. :) So if you're one of the things I've missed then I'm really sorry. I am busy and time just goes.
Yeah that.
Gimme a break my apology was pretty damn sincere.

Our weekend ... was ... good?
Yeah nah, I can't remember.

I did have Writer's Plot on Saturday. That I remember. Fun as always. Have now extended the apocalypse challenge by 2 days. Hopefully everyone is suitably motivated to get a story in.
Yeah not me.
I could.
I have time?
I even have a few ideas.
Not sure yet if they'll make it to story form. Kinda busy. (See above.)

Oh yeah. School's back.
All good.
Kids happy.
Romeo and I did quite enjoy the peace yesterday ... well, I enjoyed it because I was working on something. (five somethings as it happens.)  And he enjoyed it because it was sunny and he could lie under the apple tree with the cat.
About that. The cat is now wearing a bell. Apparently the bell means she's a toy? Romeo has been playfully chasing her since I changed her flea collar ... might have to lose the bell? It's pretty funny though. She doesn't seem to mind. They're still hanging out and lying about in the sun together. So it can't be all bad.

Yes this is a blog post about nothing. Amazing.
I'm working. Got nothing much to say except you'll find out eventually what I'm working on and until then ... I got nothing to say about it. :)

Currently I have two trusted readers reading Eraserbyte for me - looking for inconsistencies. They're the first people to get a look at that book. Am a little anxious. The version they have has two endings. The story itself ends the same way but the final scene could be sweet or not so sweet. Yeah, you're not getting any more than that.

Coffee is finished. Time to get on with the day.


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