Thursday, February 27, 2014

Back on deck

Feels like it's been a while ... I think it really has been.
A migraine really kicked my ass this week. Totally uncalled for and I did not appreciate it.
Despite that I've been in Breezy's class for the last two mornings (I'm sure that helped?) helping out with creative writing. I'm back there again this morning and then I have a few things I need to do.

The first being,  write a contract.
Might need Action Man's help and maybe Grasshopper's help too. We'll see.
The second ... write a short synopsis.
We all know I hate synopsis writing, but I am quite capable of writing one, I just put them off as long as humanly possible and hate them with a passion. :)
I must do this one and do it today. Something needs finishing and this is the last piece of the jigsaw.
Once it's done, I will have more time to work on phase two. Phase two was what I worked on ALL Sunday and may have contributed to the migraine from hell. I think the thing here is ... smaller chunks of time.

It's Thursday today.
I'm pretty sure it's Thursday?
Tomorrow is the last day of Feb.
Feb has been a BIG month for me. I'm kinda pleased it's also a short month - don't think that I can cope with much more Feb to be honest. :)

I signed off on databyte this morning.
It's 15 weeks until the official launch.
My books will be in Paper Plus Upper Hutt before then.
That's super exciting.

Writer's Plot this Saturday.
Everyone is still working away on their collaborations. Good to see.
I haven't checked my list - so not a hundred per cent sure what we're doing this week ... but I think it's soft porn.
All about pushing boundaries at the moment.
Suppose I best get some notes together? :)

Hope you're all having a good week.


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