Monday, February 24, 2014

All the crazy all the time ...

Yeah nah ... just a little bit of the crazy. :)

Last week was HUGE.
You'll find out eventually why, how, and other things.

This week - another big one.

It's Monday. I love Mondays. That's not exactly a secret. I'm kinda nervous today though.
My to-do list was DONE last week. What?? Incredible! It got longer and longer and more involved and I did it all.

Am waiting for some books to arrive. Proofs. I think there should be some arriving today. That's all kinds of exciting. Can't wait to see them. REALLY looking forward to seeing Array as a finished product.

We had a good weekend.
I blew off some steam on Friday night. A lot really. Was a fun night. Much fun.
Saturday was Weather-Girl's birthday. She is one happy little 15 year old. Got exactly what she wanted and turned into a female version of The Boy Wonder by Sunday night. Hilarious.
We had friends over for dinner Saturday night. Such fun. Homemade pizza - all the good things.
I managed to drink maybe half a Corona. Yeah nah, not up to drinking!
Action Man was off at Area 51 all day yesterday ... doing Action Man things. He had a fabulous day - I know because I heard all about it. :)

I worked all day. Spent the entire day writing something entirely different based on something I know rather well. Yeah, that's all you get.
I'm 17 pages in. Not the easiest things in the world to do.

For the next 3 mornings I'll be in Breezy's class working with one of the kids. In fact I'll be doing that for 3 mornings a week from now on.
You reading this Ange?
 Pinot Noir, thank you. :)

Writer's Plot this coming weekend. If you'd thought about coming along to see what we're all about ... this is where we'll be and when.

Saturday March 1 Upper Hutt Library Rotary room 1:30-3:30PM
Saturday March 15 Upper Hutt Library Rotary room 1:30-3:30PM
Saturday March 29 Upper Hutt Library Rotary room 1:30-3:30PM
and so on ... until Dec when we break for Christmas. :)

Looking forward to it. As always.

Have a good one.


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