Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You know that thing?

Yeah that.
Mind reader are we?

So today I worked downstairs on the PC for a few hours EARLY in the morning. Laptop was away with Admin Bubbles being fixed by the man with the gorgeous Russian accent. Uh huh. That'll do brain. FOCUS.

As I was saying ... I worked on the PC. I messed with the potential databyte cover and discovered I no longer have the correct font. Ah, crap. I think it's because I lost Office Pro 10 when I switched computers. I shall investigate it further tomorrow and download necessary font. (And probably shake my fist and growl an awful lot in the process.)

I then decided I'd rip out chapters two and three from eraserbyte.
Because I love them.
Yeah nah. Well I do, which is what made it hard to rip them out. They didn't advance the main story line but they did advance a subplot. It's a hard call. The subplot will happily live on without them, but it was nice knowing exactly how Mitch and Ellie thought. So maybe they were of benefit to me and not so much the finished story?
Yeah that.
Anyway they're gone. Because I ripped them out they can now be used in something else ... like a short story. Stay tuned.
But don't expect to see a story in the next few days. Nope. Am really really trying to get this book polished, holes plugged, and off my desk by the 31st of Jan.
Yes I know when that is ... thanks.
 I just didn't realize I'd written 49 freaking chapters ... 47 now. :)
Also, some scenes could benefit from a glance over by my favorite medic - but there's time for that later.

* I do not advise doing any major editing using a completely different program to what one is used to.
That is all.

Also today, Breezy and I went to visit David and his family. Made for a very welcome midday break in the sun. Nice to have grownups to talk to? Okay, how about adults then? No? All right ... people who are over 25. There we go. That's the winner.

As a sidebar to the walk up to visit David ( it's about 4.5km to David's place from mine - so absolutely anything I decide to do once I'm in town is considered a reward and necessary motivation for the long trek home in the heat) ... I now have fluro pink jeans. Just putting that out there. I really like fluro colors always have ... they now have an added bonus of horrifying Weather-Girl. So every chance I get I find fluro stuff and tell her it's for her. The look on her face ... freaking priceless.
That folks is good mothering, right there. :)

It's been a very busy week and a half. A lot has happened and lot is going to happen.
Probably the biggest thing is ... nah. Can't tell you that. How about ...? Yeah nah. Ummm. Okay I got it.
Nah I really don't.
Okay ... this ... laptop is all better. YAY. Massive thanks to Admin Bubbles and Sergei. Happy happy joy joy.
And it's clean and shiny.
You know what's really nice? I can close the lid now!!!
I can take it with me. :)

And to the lovely man in the bakery who grinned at me and said, 'Custard pies aren't good for you' ... I can still shop for jeans in the children's department (but I must say I did like it better when kids jeans were super long cos I'm not short) don't think a custard pie is going to hurt me any. :)


Have a good rest of the week folks.

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