Friday, January 17, 2014

What a week!

Don't feel like I've been away anymore.

For those of you who might miss this over on Facebook. We're running a competition which starts today and ends next Friday (Jan 24). Prizes are 'blood spattered notebooks' and a kindle or ePub copy of soundbyte.
Details here.
Get into it. :)

So, this week ... what can I say? In-freaking-sane.
But in a good way.

A few things finally started to fall into place and more importantly, I'm starting to get it now.
Massive thanks to Brian Rathbone, who simply makes sense. :) Much appreciate your sharing, Brian.

Databyte is gone from my desk and safely with my editor. I got the email the other day saying it was almost ready for formatting ... which meant I needed to get those acknowledgments written. I did. Not easy. Was a big year last year. Got it done. Yay. Even found a quote for dad.
I was asked by Rebel ePublishers if there was a 'next' book and if the first chapter could be included at the end of databyte.
Yes, there is, and yes.
Done. The first chapter of Eraserbyte will appear at the end of databyte.

I am still messing with eraserbyte. I have given myself until the end of Jan to quit messing with it and fire it off to Jayne.
Which means, I will be jumping into psychobyte big time come Feb. FUN. :)

Something else happened this week ... the kiwi book that I have struggled to love ... it's not shit. Yeah, I know! Color me amazed. It needs a freaking good edit, and I do need to explain something a bit better BUT IT'S NOT SHIT.
So, knowing that.
I'm going to do something with it.
I don't know what yet. I don't know if I'll publish it myself, show it to Rebel, or look closer to home for a publisher ... it is after all a novel set here in Upper Hutt. (If you know me, you will know how truly bizarre that is ... and where the title 'Nothing Happens Here' came from.)

Yesterday the horror of realizing I was no closer to finding cover images for databyte than I was six months ago spurred me into action. It also nearly ended the life of my PC. I hate that fucking piece of shit. It needs kicking across the room. Seriously. Every time I need to use it it drives me insane. If I didn't need Office 2010 I'd switch the tower with The Boy Wonders. But I do need Office on the PC, and I used all my licences. Sigh.
Anyway ... I ended up giving up on the PC. I did however throw together a little something that sort of works for me. I just can't do it on a template because ... PC. Grrrr.
It hurts my brain.
I love my laptop. I love Windows 7. I fucking hate Vista and the PC.

Of course my idea may not meet with publisher approval - now it's a waiting game.

Other things happened this week. Family stuff. It's all good. :)

Tomorrow is the first Writer's Plot of the year at Upper Hutt Library.
Looking forward to seeing the gang.
Will pull some notes together today ... I hope!!
Although first day back for the year, should probably ease into it? We'll be looking at the stories that everyone was asked to write over Christmas. I've read two, and gotta say, loved them both.
And this is where I confess I wrote NOTHING.
Away for 9 days without a laptop ... no writing. (Best we don't talk about that again.)
Busy since I got home ... writing but not shorts.
Need to get a new notebook sorted for Writer's Plot this year.
It might need to be blood spattered???
yes, there is joy upon my face.


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